Steps To Franchise

There are 4 simple steps to follow in order to franchise from us:

Step 1 - Evaluate The Franchise
Step 2 - Submit Application
Step 3 - Meet For Discussion
Step 4 - Join The Team
Step 1 - Evaluate The Franchise

You should spend considerable amount of time & effort to evaluate the business that you intend to get involved in. The following are the list of things you should do:

– study online brochure & information
– visiting the outlets
– check-out the food, service & everything about the business
– talk to as many people as possible
– imagine what it would be like to own and run the business
– ask yourself if you have what it takes to be entrepreneur
– study other franchises in similar trade to make comparison

Step 2 - Submit Application

You need to submit an application form (no obligation at all) that gives us information about your situation. We will then provide more detailed & confidential information that will help you to evaluate the franchise in-depth.

– Submit Online
– Print a copy and fax in

Step 3 - Meet For Discussion

Once we receive your application, we will study it thoroughly and give you a response within 2 weeks.

If you are qualified, we will invite you for a meeting to:

– discuss about the business and confidential information in details
– answer any question that you might have about the business
– do site show around and demo
– find out more about you
– help you to analyze if you are suitable for this business

After the meeting, we would review your situation carefully. We will get back to you within 2 weeks to let you know whether we you should pursue the franchise opportunity further.

Step 4 - Join The Team

Congratulation, you have passed our stringent criteria in the above 3 steps. You are ready to join our franchise. You are now required to make a commitment to join the franchise by doing the following:

– Sign the franchise agreement & other forms
– Initial franchise fee of S$20,000

Once you have made the commitment above, we will provide the following for you:

– send you for on-site training (approximately 48 hours)
– search for suitable site for you
– provide on-going consultation